Tuesday, April 29, 2008

We're looking for the mouse!

I was lucky to find, on twitter!, a reference to
Clay Shirky's essay and I really suggest it to everyone.

I rarely watch TV and am actually slightly proud of that fact. The information flows too slowly and the format isn't efficient at all - the device seems appropriated only to convey uni-directional entertainment content. And remember that even books function better - we can annotate it, read it fast, fast-forward it, etc.

It wouldn't be fair if the TV gets replaced by a computer with a browser and gets still to be called "TV". Perhaps, one shouldn't care for the name too much - but, heck, I am a computer scientist.

I'm currently working for globo.com which is a part of the larger Rede Globo (media corporation -> large revenue from TV), and the article relates to how I feel towards the greater potential of the web company in comparison to that of the TV itself. As it happens across industries, computers/IT/programmers should be core to anything that really matters.

ps: As a side note, it was also amusing that he chose to reference wikicrimes, which is strongly similar to a project I'm currently working :)

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